Microsoft Dynamics Web site


The Microsoft Dynamics team needed to migrate its 400-page website to Content Services Platform (CSP), a new Microsoft publishing platform. The Microsoft team also wanted to design an updated look for the site and to rewrite the content with a new focus.


Resources Online, one of the first vendors to work on CSP, did custom development work and took creative approaches to meet the client’s needs within the platform’s capabilities.

The company worked with multiple stakeholders, internal teams, and other vendors to implement the website. Resources Online managed the massive project using development processes that allowed for input from the many stakeholders, while continuing to move the project forward at a rapid pace.

Resources Online worked with an outside vendor, selected by Microsoft, who created the visual design for the site. Because the CSP platform itself was still being improved and changed, Resources Online took the lead in identifying potential changes and expected innovations, and we designed implementation solutions to accommodate them. Resources Online leveraged its relationship with platform developers to keep ahead of the curve on platform changes.

In the end, Resources Online delivered a new, modern website in a tight time frame. In the process, we reduced the massive 400-page site to a much more streamlined and focused one, designed to support multiple products and ready to be localized in multiple languages.


  • Project management
  • Content strategy and management
  • Website production
  • Writing
  • Copyediting