Windows Phone Email


The Windows Phone team builds an easy to use smartphone operating system for customers around the world. The team wanted to stay in touch with customers from the day they purchased their phone throughout the customer lifecycle. The team’s goal was to provide useful information appropriate to each stage of the customer’s journey.


Resources Online created a series of emails for the Windows Phone team. The emails with helpful tips and tricks were localized and sent in more than 100 languages worldwide to new customers. Resources Online refined the Microsoft-provided email design and content as part of its template development to ensure the emails would work in more than 25 email clients. The localized emails were sent on a regular cadence using ExacTarget.

In addition to the initial series of emails, Resources Online published monthly  newsletters designed to target specific customer demographics and stages in the customer lifecycle.

Finally, Resources Online built and managed an advanced data warehouse so that the client could analyze and mine data. Using the warehouse, the team was able to analyze the results of each email and of customer behavior over time.  This allowed Microsoft to understand which messaging and offers performed well and provided insight into customer needs over time.


  • Email template development
  • Email production
  • Email localization management
  • Email automation in Exact Target
  • Email analytics
  • CRM Data Warehouse